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Our Story

Celebrating the Heritage.

Inspired by the bold flavors and aromatic spices of our homeland, we set out on a mission to share the taste of Tunisia with the world. Our brand is a testament to the vibrant culture, traditions, and flavors that make Tunisian cuisine truly unique.

Hall of Fame

Taste the World.

Explore the exquisite flavors of Poppa Peppa’s product range, carefully crafted to bring the authentic taste of Tunisia and the Mediterranean to your table.

Our Pride

Unleash the Authentic Heat.

Discover the fiery essence of Tunisia with Poppa Peppa’s Traditional Smoked Harissa. Celebrated by UNESCO, this vibrant, smoky condiment is crafted from the finest sun-dried chili peppers. Add a burst of exotic spice to your dishes and savor Tunisia’s rich culinary heritage.

Why Choose Poppa Peppa?

Discover the unique benefits of Poppa Peppa, where quality, authenticity, and sustainability converge to bring you the finest flavors of the Mediterranean. Here are three key reasons why Poppa Peppa stands out:


Crafted using traditional recipes, our products like Traditional Smoked Harissa and Spicy Grilled Salad, Meshouia, reflect the rich culinary heritage of North Africa and the Mediterranean.


Our ingredients are sourced from trusted local farmers, ensuring every jar delivers authentic Mediterranean flavors without preservatives or additives.


We prioritize eco-friendly practices and support local communities by sourcing directly from small-scale farmers, contributing to traditional farming and environmental wellbeing.

Love Story

What our costumers are saying

„As a professional chef, I am always on the lookout for authentic and high-quality ingredients to enhance my dishes. Poppa Peppa’s Smokey Harissa is a game-changer! The depth of flavor and the authenticity of the ingredients bring a unique touch to my recipes. My customers can’t get enough of the dishes I create with Poppa Peppa’s products. Highly recommended for anyone serious about flavor!“

Chef Maria Lopez New York City
New York City

Poppa Peppa has transformed the way I cook at home. Their Grilled Artichokes and Olives Tazilla are my go-to for quick, delicious snacks and meals. The quality is exceptional, and knowing that these products are sourced directly from Tunisia makes them even more special. Every jar is packed with flavor and authenticity. Poppa Peppa, you’ve gained a loyal fan!

Michael Thompson, Food Blogger
San Francisco

„Our restaurant prides itself on serving the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and Poppa Peppa’s products have become a staple in our kitchen. The Traditional Smoked Harissa and Sundried Tomatoes spread with herbs are customer favorites. The quality and taste are unmatched, and it’s clear that Poppa Peppa takes great care in sourcing and producing their products. We couldn’t be happier with the results in our dishes!“

Lisa Cheng, Owner of The Mediterranean

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